5 Wet Weather Driving Tips for Summer

Wet weather can affect anyone no matter where you live. From tropical storms to regular rain storms. Regardless how how the wet weather comes it can all cause havoc while trying to drive with such poor visibility. In addition drivers should always try to prevent and protect themselves from hydroplaning. Hydroplaning can really make steering and braking a vehicle very difficult. This could also cause you to lose control. 

Trinity Dodge and associates want’s you to be safe on the road this summer, so be sure to check out these tips listed below to help you stay safe during wet weather driving.

Preparing your car for wet weather:

  • Be sure all headlights and taillights are clean and in good working order.
  • Clean wiper blades to remove any buildup and replace if needed. You want to be sure they still have a good clean wiping edge.
  • Be sure all tires are in good shape and have good tread.
  • Check tire pressure to make sure they are properly inflated according to the manufactures specifications. 
  • Clean windshield and all other windows in the vehicle.  

Here are some great wet weather driving tips: 

1. Take your time and slow down before any problems can accrue. Plus slowing down is the best way to prevent you car from hydroplaning.  

2. Leave plenty of space for other drivers. This gives you and other drivers to react to traffic when needed.

3. Always make sure your headlights are on. This helps other drivers to see you in poor viability driving.  

4. When you see deep rain water flooding ahead, never drive your car through it. You never know how deep that water is. And if it’s too deep and can ruin your vehicle or you may float away from the road. Whenever you are in this type of situation and have any doubt, just go back the way you came. If you can’t avoid deep puddles, and must drive threw them go slow.

5. Stop doing anything distracting. Don’t text, turn the radio off or down low. Don’t answer any calls. Driving in poor conditions such as heavy rain demands lots of attention. 

Lastly if driving conditions are just too intense, it’s best that you just pull over away from the road to a safe place to wait it out with your 4 way flasher on.

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