6 Reason Why You Need Brakes and Tires Check Before Winter Hits

Dealers like Jeep Cheap want you to be safe this coming winter, and know that many drivers may live in an area where winter is harsh, and how much a tole this can take on your car. With the freezing cold temperatures, the thick snow, and icy roads. All these things can cause a lot of troubles, and accidents for car owners. That’s why they want you to know how important brakes and tires are. These are two of the most crucial things to have in good working order before winter hits.

Brakes are one of the single most important things to have inspected before the winter season hits, if your tires fail you’ll need good brakes to stop the car. But if your tires are too warn they won’t stop on slick winter roads. However, if your tires are in great shape for the winter roads both components can go hand in hand to keep you safe while driving. There are many reasons why you should get your brakes, and tires checked before the upcoming winter season. You may think it’s to soon, but the sooner the better, because brakes endure much wear, and tear on a daily basis. Getting these two checked, and replaced if needed will not only enhances your vehicle performance, but is essential for safety.

6 Reason To Have Your Brakes and Tires Check Before Winter:
  1. During the cold winter harsh months brake pads can erode as you apply more pressure to brake better. Getting your brakes inspected will let you know if they can handle the extra pressure. After using them vigorously through the spring and summer, they need to be at their best especially during the winter.
  2. Snow, freezing rain, and ice all create many hazardous road conditions for drivers. Winter is the time of year you will need all the stopping power you can to avoid any weather-related accidents. This is extremely important for the safety of you and other drivers.
  3. Over time whether you notice or not, dirt, water, and debris can get stuck in the brake system. With the freezing temperatures these debris will freeze and get stuck to the brake pads causing girding noises, and even destroy the rotors. Getting your brakes checked can avoid this problem.
  4. Checking your tire pressure for the impending cold temperature is crucial. The air pressure of your tires can affect your everyday steering, handling and gas mileage.
  5. Tires that are old and overused will have little to no tread which won’t catch traction on the icy, wet roads. Depending on your driving habits tires can be worn unevenly which can be dangerous on the road, meaning the tires can cause your car to slide around when roads are slick.
  6. Old, dirty and used brake fluid can become thicker in cooler temperatures and won’t be as effective lubricating the brakes. It’s best to get them checked now.
All in all, it’s common sense to get both your tires and brakes thoroughly and professionally inspected especially during this time of year. It’s important everyone stays extremely safe during the winter this year.
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