6 Tips for New Drivers

No matter how old you are, getting on the road for the first time and finally being a driver can be exciting yet overwhelming. You might think you know everything and are ready to drive everywhere all the time, but there are a few things that new drivers might not be aware of or might not think is such a big deal. There are few things that can help new drivers be safer, and things for them to know in the future when they are driving.

1. Download a Safe driving App.

There are apps that can track how good you are driving. You can test yourself for certain times of the day, and certain areas. It can help you become a better driver over time, getting better scores. But of course never manually use the app while you are actually driving.

2. Take a situational driving course.

There are courses that you can take, it isn’t necessarily a full course to teach you to drive but it teaches what to do in certain driving situations. That you may not experience right away or that may not be covered in certain tests. Some of these courses last all day and are inexpensive.

3. Pay Attention to all Road signs.

You might think all you need to pay attention to is the speed limit signs. There are so many other signs that are very crucial in your driving knowledge. Signs that tell where where not to park, signs that let you know how many miles away from a certain city you are. Signs that say what exit to take for certain areas. Make sure you brush up on certain signs in your area to look out for.

4.  Know your car.

Make sure you know your car, you don’t necessarily need to become an expert on the ins and outs of your car. But knowing certain important aspects like how miles you get to the gallon, how much it’ll take to fill the whole tank. Is your car touchy with the pedal. How does your car drive on certain roads and such. Know your car. It’ll come in handy in the future.

5. Learn to drive is all weather conditions.

Most new drivers only know how to drive in 1 or 2 weather conditions. So when they are in a different state or in a state that experiences all four seasons, they may not know how to drive properly and safely.

6. Don’t let friends distract you.

I know being a new driver you’re excited to go pick up friends and have fun. But having your friends in the car can be distracting to you. You were so used to being the passenger and being into everything, but when you’re driving you can’t look back or be super focused into their conversation. Focus on the road, everyone will be safer.

In no time you’ll be a good new driver! Get out there, and be safe.

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