7 Sleeping Mask Benefits

Can’t sleep? A sleeping mask can be your best friend during sleepless nights at home, daytime naps, when working graveyard shifts, or staying in an unfamiliar place. Often stereotyped as frivolous or feminine and meant for beauty rest, masks are helpful sleeping aids that support personal health and well being of any individual. The very comfortable blindfold delivers benefits a multifold:

7 Sleeping Mask Benefits

1. Enhanced Quality of Sleep

Did you know that humans, tracing history back to pre-human ancestors, are diurnal by nature? That means we are generally awake when the sun’s up and sleep once it gets dark. Our brains tend to associate darkness with sleep. Eye masks cover the light receptors within the eyes, signaling the brain that darkness has begun. It then triggers the production of melatonin– the hormone that controls sleep and wake cycles, towards deeper, better sleep.

2. Good for Your Skin

Waking up to marks on your face from a wrinkled pillowcase can lead to wrinkles on your own eyes over time. Wearing an eye mask whenever you sleep may be vital to preventing crow’s feet. If you’re concerned about other facial skin issues like acne, get quality-crafted recommended eye masks made of breathable materials like cotton or silk.

3. Cost-Effective Alternative to Blackout Curtains

The only way to make a room totally dark is by blocking out sunlight with blackout curtains. The cost of this window treatment only becomes higher the more windows you have in your bedroom and the bigger they are. Sleeping masks offer a very affordable option to stimulate darkness and keep the sun or ambient lighting at night from hitting your eyes.

4. Prevent Dryness of the Eyes

Dry air usually circulates in homes with heating and cooling systems. An eye mask serves as a protective barrier from dryness due to the HVAC. It’s especially helpful for people who have nocturnal lagophthalmos, or the inability to close the eyes during sleep fully.

5. Non-Chemical, Drug-Free Sleep Aid

Some people resort to sleeping pills and other pharmaceutical sleeping aids. Like any medication, these may have unwanted side effects. Others self-medicate with alcohol, which presents its own problems. Sleeping masks can be just as effective without the risks.

6. Sleeping Masks May Help with Insomnia

Many people suffer from lack of sleep. Surrounded by technology, staring at televisions, smartphones or computer screens only make it worse. Sleeping masks can eliminate all the distractions when it’s time to get some good sleep.

7. A Healthier You

Sleeping masks promote a higher-quality sleep, resulting in better overall health. Deep sleep promotes improved brain processes, mental state, and cognitive function. You gain more energy to get you through the day, deal with stress better, and have a generally brighter mood.

Sleep aids arrive in a myriad of forms, but a sleeping mask is perhaps the simplest of all. It’s definitely better than taking in OTC or prescription drugs, and effortless compared to counting sheep. If you find it difficult to sleep for any reason, it won’t hurt to try and see if a sleeping mask will prove to be the ultimate solution to your problem. Eye masks can be easily acquired in several styles, sizes, and colors to suit anyone struggling to sleep.



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