7 Snacks On The Go

When traveling with little kids whether you just go to the store to pick up a few things, go to grandma’s house or a short drive, kids will get hungry and you’ll need to bring a few easy on the go snacks that’ll hold them over until you get home for dinner or lunch. When bringing easy on the go snacks make sure you don’t bring anything with sauces that can spill, if you bring drinks make sure they are in a secure bottle that won’t spill, same for foods, bring or buy them in packages that can close. Expect things to fall or crumble and just leave it until you are completely stopped to get out and clean it yourself. Here is a list of a few easy snacks, you can pair these snacks with fun roadtrip games if you decide to take a longer drive.

  1. Fruit Snacks– fruit snacks are tasty and are separately packaged, they don’t make a mess and kids love them!
  2. Granola bars, protein bars, cereal bars, etc- any ‘bar’ of your choice will do. They are small and convenient.
  3. Homemade trail mixes– you can put anything in a homemade trail mix, put the finished product in a ziplock baggy when taking it on a car ride.
  4. Small bite size crackers/cookies– small bite sized crackers and cookies produce less of a mess than regular sized ones, and they will fill your child up just fine.
  5. Squeezable snacks– ones that come in the little pouches with the spill-proof caps.
  6. Dry cereal– easy to pack in ziplock baggies, they are all bite sized and your kid can pick their favorite cereal. Or you can buy those mini boxes of cereal that stores sell.
  7. Fruit– bring apple slices, raisins, yogurt covered if you choose. Any of your kids favorite fruit, bring them. Don’t bring fruit if you plan to take a longer drive, because they won’t last.
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