8 Halloween Safety Tips

8 Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is just 2 months away and some people are already buying Halloween costumes ahead of time and have started to decorate for the upcoming fall season. You can say you’ve already seen your local stores putting out Halloween decorations. As Halloween nears parents need to take some precaution for their children that will be trick ‘r’ treating. As the kids are all dressed up and excited to get free candy, there’s a lot to keep in mind to make sure your child stays safe and still has fun.


  1. Stay Visible– You want your child to be visible to you and to other people. Bring along flashlights when it gets darker. Either one large one or smaller ones for your whole family to carry. Bring along extra batteries for each flashlight just in case they die. Use glow sticks and let your children wear around their necks. Bring multiple ones just in case they wear out or don’t work. Some elementary schools give out reflective stickers for Halloween, if your child’s school does not do this you can buy a pack of reflective stickers at your local store.
  2. Make a familiar Trick ‘r’ Treating route– It’s best to trick ‘r’ treat in your neighborhood and familiar neighborhoods. So you are aware of the people who will be handing out candy to your children. This will make it less of a chance that your child will get lost or even hurt. Also, it is important to go to neighbors you are familiar with so you won’t have to be skeptical of who gives your child candy, there’s a lot of adults that can ruin Halloween night for children.
  3. Practice street safety– Have basic street safety knowledge. Let your child know to walk to each house and do not run. Always have your child walk on the sidewalk away from the street. When crossing the street make sure to look both ways for cars passing. Hold your child’s hand when crossing the street to keep them close to you. Make sure to use crosswalks when crossing a busy street. Make eye contact with the drivers of the cars you are crossing in front of. Watch out for cars turning and backing up.
  4. Have snacks– Be sure to bring snacks for on the go. Your child will be eager to eat the candy they just got right away. But to hold them off until you check all of their candy when you get home bring a few snacks. Either bring some pieces of candy for them, a small bag of pretzels, or just any of their favorite snacks that can be taken in the car.
  5. Trick ‘r’ Treat in groups– If possible go trick ‘r’ treating with friends and never alone. It’s best to stay with a group of people you know so you won’t get lost on your own and you feel safe while walking at night.
  6. Always check the candy– Always, always check your child’s candy before they eat it. Halloween is the best night for bad people to ruin the candy so check it thoroughly. Fire Stations and Police Station can check your child’s candy for free. If checking it yourself, make sure to look for candy that has already been open, or looks like it was prematurely repackaged like with tape or glue. Look for any tiny pinholes in the packaging as well. Never take home made treats from people you do not know.
  7. Pay Attention– Put down your mobile device and pay attention to your surroundings, Halloween is a busy night and a lot can happen that you can be unaware of if your eyes are stuck to your little screen. Only use your phone for important things that night like emergency calls. If you have to connect to any friends to meet up stop and find a spot off to the side and get in touch of them. Take any pictures before or after or stand off to the side out of the way of other trick ‘r’ treaters or cars.
  8. Be cautious of costumes– When buying a costume for your child try not to get any heavy masks with small breath/eye holes.Make sure the costume is put on properly so it won’t come undone or things won’t hang and get caught on stuff. When using make up try it ahead of time to make sure the makeup won’t irritate the skin after long hours of wearing it.

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