9 Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

9 Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

Holiday are is coming which means travel will be on the rise again. Before heading out on the road with your family whether your travailing across town or state please make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip. There are a few things Grogans Towne Chrysler Dodge and associates want you to keep in mind before you leave this holiday.

1. Have Your Vehicle Serviced Before Your Trip. The last thing you wanna do is break down with your whole family in a packed car. Look at it this way. If you can afford to travel, then you can afford to get your vehicle serviced before the trip. Head to your reputable mechanic and get a quick oil changed, break check, tire check and have the lights checked as well. Along with anything else of concern. 

2. Bad Weather. Keep an eye on the weather especially this time of year. If you have a big storm coming it’s best to leave a day earlier than expected. Better to be safe than sorry.  

3. Plan Your Route Ahead of Time. Along with watching the weather be sure to plan your route a head of time.  Roads will be busy with holiday traffic along with regular traffic. Be sure to use a handy app for directions and try to avoid the busiest routes. Sometimes it better to start your travel at night when less people are on the roads. Less traveled scenic routes are good as well for the kids to make the trip a little easier on them. 

4. Bring a Portable Cell Phone Charger. Portable cell phone chargers are very popular now, and should be a part of every emergency kit. This is important to have and keep accessible. Some chargers are universal with USB adapters that plug into your cigarette lighter area. This gives you options to charge any device that plugs into a USB port. Plus some can be removed and still charge on the go.  

5. Bring Snacks and Drinks. It’s best to pack some simple meals, snacks and drinks. Because stopping every time someone is hungry gets very expensive. This will not only save you money, but will be a much healthier option for the family. 

6. Bring Activities to Keeps the Kids Busy. Bringing kids on this road trip? It’s best to keep them busy with some activities. Pack things like books, crayons, coloring books, note pads, traveling games and also download some fun apps for them to play, plus dvd’s if you have a dvd player in the car. 

7. Get Enough Sleep Before the Trip. If your feeling tired it’s best to pullover to a rest stop and get a quick little nap. Don’t rely on coffee, because it doesn’t work well when your really tired and on the road. 

8. Ship Your Gifts Buy Mail Instead of Traveling With Them. Planing on bringing lots of gifts for the family as you head out to visit them for the holidays? Better to just mail them all a couple days ahead of time. This will save you space in the car, because most likely you will be bringing gifts home with you. 

9. Dress in Comfy Close for Traveling. Traveling usually involves long hours in the car. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable so dress in your most comfortable clothing.  


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