Best Gas Saving Tips

As we all know gas prices have always gone up and down. Now that the busy spring and summer road trip season has arrived, most drivers will start to see increases at the pump, because gas will now be in a higher demand. Unfortunately as these gas prices rise, it will have an impact on so many families. Losing an extra $10 or $20 a week due to gas prices rising could mean less to spend on other important household expenses. If you haven’t already it’s a great idea to make a list of tips to save save on gas. Use my list below to get you started.

Best Gas Saving Tips

1. One of the best ways to save on gas is to watch your speed. Because driving to fast uses more gas. Drive the speed, and you will notice a difference in your gas.  

2. Take less trips. Do all of your errands in 1 to 2 days a week rather than going to so many places each day. Avoid unnecessary travel to and from the store. If you must travel, go when traffic is light so you can avoid many stop-and-go situations that will consume more gas. 

3. Always keeping your vehicle maintenance regularly, This will help you save on gas. When something is lacking in performance it will cause your vehicle work harder. Which will then use more gas to pull it’s self along. 

4. If you are stopped waiting for someone, always shut the engine off. When you leave the car running you lose a lot of gas. So the next time your waiting to pick your kids up from the movies turn the car off while you wait. 

5. Keep your car clean and tidy. If your car is always full of stuff such as heavy tools, clothes, garbage and other items, it can actually weight the car down. Get rid of the excess stuff and anything else not needed in the car. The extra weight causes the engine to work harder. Thus using more gas. 

6. Lastly keep an eye on gas prices. Find a close gas station with the lowest gas prices. No need to always fill the tank. Just get what you need and go. Also take advantage of gas station reward cards. They are a great way to earn cent off gas.

Hope you enjoy these simple tips on saving gas. Start using these tips and you will begine to see a big difference in your pocket. 

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