Bulu Box Review

Bulu Box Review and Giveaway


Recently my family has made huge changes in our eating habits, along with that we also had started taking vitamins on a regular basis. But with so many different vitamins and supplements on the market it’s hard to choose and can be very over whelming. I was on a site the other day ready to spend money and choose some new supplements,  after a couple of hours of searching and reading I bought nothing. Because I didn’t know what to choose. And didn’t want to waist my money if the product didn’t taste good, didn’t work or just wasn’t right for me. Not only that it’s very difficult to find products that are truly healthy for you. In the process of trying and finding the right supplements and vitamins that work for you, this can become very costly.

That’s why I love Bulubox.com a monthly subscription vitamin and supplement sample box. This is a great way to save tons of money while finding what products are right for you. Why waist your money on full size vitamins or supplements to only find out it wasn’t for you. Then you are left with an unused product and money down the drain.  I have personally done this dozens of times. Honestly it’s painful on the wallet. Solve this problem and save money with the Bulu Box.

Every month, you’ll get a box filled with 4 to 5 nutritional supplements from top brands. A mix of products for both men and women, including vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition, meal replacement, diet, energy, protein, detox, digestion, sexual health, herbs, natural remedies, endurance and more. No worries they make sure you get enough of each product to decide whether it’s right for you. No shipping or shady fees. Depending on your plan you can cancel anytime. But it doesn’t stop there it gets better.

Ok so you just got your first Bulu Box in the mail. And you want to know more about your products. Visit the Bulu Box Community, sign up and learn all about your  products. In the Bulu Box community you will find tips, video, blogs, how-tos and feedback on the products you love. You can also share your experiences with your favorite products from the Bulu Box.

Yes it gets even better! Love the products so much but don’t know where to buy them? Don’t stress just stop by the Bulu Box Shop and you can buy all your favorite products in full size. You can also find more information on your product in shop as well as reviews. RevHoney U-Tube is one of the products in my box I was excited to try first. After trying it I loved it! So I visited shop to see how much it was and learned even more about my product!

My first box was full of wonderful stuff to try! Shipping was prompt and nicely packaged. My package came with 5 items to try and a card with information all about my new products. Such as :

  • Life Equals Omega-3
  • RevHoney
  • Pure Matters
  • Nightfood
  • Cellucor Super HD

  • 4 to 5 premium samples
  • For men and women
  • Delivered monthly for $10
  • Cancel or transfer at any time

Check out this short video below on how Bulubox.com works

Start saving money today on vitamins and supplements! Sign up for the Bulubox for only $10 a month plus FREE shipping! It just makes sense.

Want your first box FREE? Head on over here to Bulubox.com sign up for a subscription, and use that promo code ( woohoo10 ) at checkout! Don’t forget shipping is always free!

Enter to WIN a Bulubox below!!

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Disclosure I received a BuluBox for free and one to giveaway from Bulubox.com in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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  1. Sabrina Belling says

    Thanks! This is awesome! I hope I win! =)

  2. mary woollard says

    i have a hard time finding good vitamins that are gluten free dairy free. thanks would love to win!

  3. Kathryn B. says

    I want to try new things, but not spend full price just to try them and find out that they don’t work for me, or taste good! This would be a great way to try these things I see on television or in stores!

  4. Angela Rickman says

    I just recently started a juice fast / diet to loose 100 lbs and have been looking for something to supplement me so I would love to try this out 🙂

  5. Callee S. says

    I need to take vitamins, but I don’t. Picking out vitamins have never been my forte.

  6. Regina Bell says

    I have the problem of finding the right vitamins myself. This is a wonderful idea.

  7. Debra Getsinger says

    We take vitamins daily.

  8. The idea of trying before buying is always great, even though we’re still paying for just samples. I’d rather pay $2 per sample than $60 for something that doesn’t work for me and isn’t returnable. Also, I’m not trying to be a pain here, but the word you are looking for is “waste” and not “waist” (i.e. “waste money” not “waist money”). I know your spell check didn’t pick it up because it’s an actual word, and not everyone’s an English teacher, but you had a word mixup more than once. It just came out and grabbed my attention. On the plus side, you know for sure people are reading your review!

  9. New vitamins and supplements are always difficult to find! I’m never sure if natural is really natural, if it’s the right kind of D-vitamin or if it’s really worth the cost. Plus, I’m never sure if there will be side-effects. I get really scared to make a commitment to a product that I can’t find enough good reviews about or any bad reviews about!

  10. Nyeasia Pippin says

    I try to find vitamins that fit my needs but on my own, it’s hard. That’s why I like when I can read reviews and nutritional information on here!

  11. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding what vitamins are best. My mom has been my greatest source in finding what works for me. She seems to know just about everything about vitamins and supplements.

  12. I like to research the vitamins online and make sure that they iron and folic acid.

  13. beverly harrold says

    i take turmeric for aspergers cinnamon milk thistle and nopal for diabetes garlic so i won’t have to worry about high blood presure zinc because i never want to lose my hair or have it thinning, magnesium for so many reasons im always on the look for ways to not need a dr

  14. I don’t have many experiences w/vitamins & supplements. There is such a WIDE variety that it becomes overwhelming & hard to know what is right for you. I have taken liquid vitamins before & loved them. The prices can be overwhelming at times too. TY for the giveaway & GL to everyone! :~)

  15. barbara tryon says

    I do take Vitamins about 3 times a week but for some reason it hard to remember. but always try t remember the Fish Oil! This seems like a great idea to find what meet my needs!

  16. DENISE T. says

    I never won a “Blue Box’, but I have heard great things about them. I really would like to win a “Blue Box” !

  17. Georgiana says

    I usually just go to the vitamin store and look at what they have and ask for help in what’s best for what I’m looking for. The Bulu box would be a great helper in providing samples of new products to experiment with too!

  18. I like that you get to try something before committing to a full size product.

  19. I always ask the vitamin store salesperson for help and advice in finding new vitamin brands and kinds to try! Would love to try a Bulu Box of samples! Thanks!

  20. I research vitamins online and read all about them. I also read users reviews and personal opinions in trying brands too. Thanks!

  21. we’re trying to eat better and taking vitamins and supplements and this would be a great start

  22. Angel Poling says

    I would love to try the bulu box, and test each thing inside, it would feel like my birthday/christmas all at once.

  23. bonnie holt says

    My family has also made a life change in the way we eat and exercise. It is awful trying to find the right vitamins and supplements that we need to stay healthy . Their are so many to choose from it nice to see a place that does all the work for you lol. Thank you for this review

  24. I would love to try Bulu versus going to a regular vitamin store. I don’t like being pushed to buy vitamins at my local store. I like the idea of having a variety.

  25. I would love to win this .. this is awesome i love to try new supplements from different companies.. and diferent dextox and anything to do with diet or loosing weight is a great and wonderful gift in this house saddly i am unable to buy things i am a single mother of three one with autisim and two teenagers.. so my money is limtited

  26. Homemom3 says

    Grew up only taking flintstone vitamins so I really don’t know which ones to take. Not to mention I tend to forget.

    • angiesangels says

      It’s hard to decide sometimes because there are so many.

    • the worst is spending $40 or more and finding out that it might upset my stomach or give me a headache.i got a BULUbox and it had stuff in it i never heard of .awesome

      • angiesangels says

        Wow I have done the same thing! This really does save you money.

      • jcolon5291@gmail.com says

        i grew up taking gummys so when i grew up it was hard not knowing what to take or where to start

  27. melissa potvin says

    I want I want !!! 🙂

  28. Thanks for posting!!! I’m always buying the “next big thing” and it ends up being expensive and I tend to never finish because I don’t care for the product. A great way to “shop” without breaking the bank!!!