Six Pack Bags is The Ultimate Gift for Athletes This Holiday Season

Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers. Do you have a health nut, body builder, or any athletes on your holiday shopping list? I have the perfect gift they will love and use! That is 6 Pack Fitness. 6 Pack Fitness produces a special unique line of bags call Six Pack Bags that are insulated and designed … [Read more...]

Family of 5 Alkaline Electric’s do the Food Desert Challenge

This post was sponsored by Y-USA as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. When I first learned about the food desert challenge I wondered what my family and I would do if we could not easily get to any grocery store for the best deal or healthier foods. Then I remembered we once were very poor with no car, and the nearest store was 2 to 3 miles away. We took a lot of buses everywhere but mostly did a lot … [Read more...]

Celebrate Easter with Fun Healthier Options

Easter is creeping up on us fast and parents are buying candy and little goodies to make their kids' Easter enjoyable. Parents always want to find new healthy and creative treats for Easter and fun new crafts as well, this Easter how about you give Wonderful Halos mandarins a try. Halos are healthy and delicious, they're sweet and seedless and easy to peel for kids and they love them!  Mandarins such as Wonderful Halos provide 45 … [Read more...]

Balance Bar Summer Shape Up Challenge

I received a Walmart gift card and any additional products as part of a sponsored collaboration with Balance Bar. Regardless all opinions are my own. This year starting during the summer my family and I have decided we want to lose weight and get healthy. We have tried this in the past with success but than we go back to bad eating again. Mainly because we run out of ideas and what to make since I don't really know many healthy recipes. We … [Read more...]

Weight Watchers Promotions: Delivering Healthy and Affordable Weight Loss

Weight Watchers is one of the leading weight loss programs available to you today. Over a million people have successfully lost weight through the program and countless others are currently following it. It is truly unmatched in terms of popularity and success rate though the cost of the program may prove to be a detriment. There is no doubt that Weight Watchers can help you lose weight through diet and exercise but some people might feel that … [Read more...]

What can cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

What is IBS? Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is the most common “functional” bowel problem. By “functional” we mean that there is no actual structural bowel problem involved, it just means that the bowel isn’t functioning as it should. Formally, IBS is identified as someone having multiple episodes of abdominal pain or discomfort, with a frequency of at least three bouts in the past month for the past three months, and at least two of the … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 6 #NSNastion #Sponsored

Week 6 on the Nutrisystem Success Program. This was another long week but I still lost another 1lb. Bringing my weight total to 284lbs. Wow I finally lost all that weight I gained while on vacation. Boy this sure will make me think twice about getting a meal deal next time we go a vacation just to save a few dollars. I look at it now like what's more important savings money or my health. And it took me almost a month to lose the weight! In a … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 4 #NSNastion #Spon

Well I made it to week 4 on the Nutrisystem Success Program. As you know already part of week 2 and week 3 I was on vacation and gained 8 pounds. No worries on my end because I lost 4 of that 8 pounds this week and know I will lose the other 4 as long as I keep at it. Bringing my total back down to 286lbs. I am trying for another 4lbs loss next week because I really need to break this 280 and never see it again! Losing weight is definitely a … [Read more...]