Simply Ways To Winter Proof Your Vehicle

Snow has always been something beautiful looking to me. However just a small amount of this white stuff is all it takes cause a serous accident or pileup. But don't be frightened, all it takes is a little preparation and you will be set for a safe winter driving season. It's important ensure you and your families safety and it really all comes down to routine checks and safety precautions. Don't forget how much a little extra effort can … [Read more...]

Special Auto Programs Available From Dodge

Are you in the market to lease or buy a new vehicle? Tired of putting money into you old clunker? Or maybe you are buying a new vehicle for your college grad. Well now is a great time to make your purchase. Many auto dealers now have special programs available to you. This could help you save on your next auto purchase. Below you find a few special programs available at Waldorf Dodge:  Military Consumer Cash Honoring those who … [Read more...]

Hyundai College Grad Program Auto Program

Everyone knows College can be very expensive for many of us. However there are so many ways you can easily save money. As much as few hundred dollars if not more on college and just for going to college and graduating. Today were going to talk about how you can save on getting a new car after graduation college.  Your local Hyundai dealer wants to help you save money, so they have designed special offers to help you budget for … [Read more...]

Auto Service Specials at Lustine Toyota

Many people I know love to save money especially on car repairs and regular service they need on thier vehicles. Well if you live in the Woodbridge, VA area you can save on your next auto service or repair at Lustine Toyota. They have a bunch of service specials that thier factory trained technicians can take car of for you. They have the tools and the know-how to fix a large variety of makes and models. Listed below are all thier current service … [Read more...]

4 Causes of Summer Auto Breakdowns

For some the summer is just about over, but when you live in the south summer is 360 days of the year. Teens are still driving all over for their fun summer adventures, families are still on trips, amusements parks are still busy, traffic in the cities are still packed. In the summer, people who are very frequent drivers can come across some pretty common summer car breakdowns. Here are a few of the most common summer car breakdowns and how to … [Read more...]

4 Signs You Need New Brake Pads

A lot of us just cherish our car so much. We try our best to make sure everything is running swell so we can make it from point A, to point B, and maybe point C, and point D. There are a lot of components in our car we count on every day to make sure we get to our destination safely. Like for example, the brakes. Making sure your brakes are working properly is very, very crucial for a safe driving experience. Good working brakes are the … [Read more...]

What’s the Differences Between Premium and Regular Gas

I'm sure we have all wondered this one time or another while at the gas station. What are the differences between premium and regular gas? We probably thought about trying to use it once to see if we could feel a difference in our car, but then stopping yourselves thinking it could harm your car. Well wonder no more, here are a few differences between premium and regular gas. 1. Price An obvious difference is the price of course, some might … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Parking Lot Door Dings

Ok so you just came out of your local shopping center and your headed to load your bags in the car. Excited about your new finds and then you see you beautiful car, pop the trunk and load your bags. You go to get into your car and there it is a door ding. To some this may not seem like a big deal, but that small ding could cause a rust spot later on. Plus a car cost a lot of money, and if your anything like me you love your car and the beauty of … [Read more...]