Cool Gear Can Review

School is here, and the summer temperature is too! So drinking nice cold water is a must to stay cool, and refreshed while in school or at work. There are tons of water bottles, water containers, thermoses and such advertising that they can keep your water nice and cool through out the hot day. I've tried a lot of them and some we either too big, too small, or didn't actually work up to its word. But, Cool Gear has its very own Cool Gear Can. … [Read more...]

Luxurious (But Pocket-Friendly) Ways to Vacation with Your Family!

You may well be keen to visit the world's best attractions with your family however, there is also a likelihood that you're out off by the thought of expensive flights and accommodation. Thankfully there are ways of enjoying magical holiday experiences on a tight budget. You can start off by selecting a suitable time of year to travel. South Africa In January: It is more than likely that you'll want to spend Christmas at home with your family … [Read more...]

Fair Trade Designs Review

Most recently I had the chance in reviewing three wonderful products from, FairTradeDesigns in return for my honest opinion. They carry a distinctive collection of home & personal accents. Fairly traded, handcrafted and sustainably produced. I really like the idea of fair trade, helping out other countries exponentially is a great thing. The three products I received were, Twisted Rings silver-played brass earrings. The fair trade company … [Read more...]

Unique Natural Products Review

Unique Natural Products is all about creating safe, environmentally friendly, inexpensive products that work! They carry an assortment of cleaners such as: Super Digest-It Safe Drain Opener, Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator, RV Digest It, Wine Stain Eater, Septic System Digester, Septic Field Rejuvenator, Carpet Shampoo, Marine Digest It, Grime Eater, and Water Stain Eater.   I received 5 products to try which where the Unique Complete … [Read more...]

Maggie Bags Review

While searching online I came across Maggie Bags, which I found out they use genuine recylcled seat belt material to make most of their products. I think that's such an awesome idea! Which I believe is what gives them this unbelievable strength and sturdiness. What a great idea and very Eco-Friendly! So I of course I had to check one out for myself. Maggie Bags carries Travel Bags, Bucket Totes, Cosmetic Bags, Wine Totes, Key Chains, Belts, … [Read more...]

My Lip Stuff Review

I recently received 2 natural lip balms from The flavors where Pink Cake and Candy Cane. What I enjoy most about these balms is that they didn't have that horrible cakey feel most beeswax balms have. These balms are made with sunflower oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and essential or flavored oil. Also has more flavors than any company I have ever seen. Over 500 … [Read more...]