Women Are On the Rise & Need Life Insurance

Women are on the rise & need life insurance now more than ever. The old song lyrics “this is a man’s world” are out the window. The stats are scary though; 43% of working women do not have life insurance. Why do women need life insurance? It’s a safety net! Let’s put a little perspective on this. If a woman is providing the income for her household and something happens, then that household is not only out a breadwinner, but also out a … [Read more...]

Help My Cousin Tim Crispell Who Survived A Tragic Car Accident

This post has been removed due to people using the photos. … [Read more...]

Free Social Security Disability Benefits Evaluation

Get Your Free Social Security Disability Benefits Evaluation. They have helped over 350,000 people. Let them deal with the government and get a response within 5 minutes! Click Here Receive a free evaluation for Social Security Disability Benefits.     … [Read more...]