Sunny Seat Cat Window Bed Review

As many of you know by now I have 4 kitties Baby, Blaze, Angel and Panini. My cats have always loved to sleep near the windows and soak up the hot sun. Or they are always looking for the highest place to lay and it's usually not a convenient place for them to be laying. So I was very happy to find out they would be getting to review the NEW As Seen On TV Sunny Seat Cat Window Bed! This bed is super easy to install and suction cups right to your … [Read more...]

Bark Box Review

Bark Box Review … [Read more...]

Pawalla Review

Pawalla Review … [Read more...]

Petmate Review

Like some people I have a lot of pets. I have 4 cats and 1 dog. Yes, it is a big responsibility to take care of all 5 pets. I have to make sure the litter is always clean, or if the dog has been taken out lately. But the most thing that is hard to track is their food and water. Sometimes the cats will be really hungry or thirsty and eat more and drink more than I expected, same as the dog. And it's very inconvenient if they eat all their food or … [Read more...]

NOse Offense Review

I recently tried the product, NOse Offense: Air & Fabric Odor Eliminator for pets. It was created by Rembo Corp, a leader in odor elimination technology since 1997. This is a fragrance-free odor neutralizing spray that eliminates ALL pet smells, instead of covering them up. It is safe, non-toxic, natural, organic, and biodegradable. Both the product and packaging are completely recyclable and biodegradable. NOse Offense for pets can be … [Read more...]

Mr.Chewy Review

Thanks to Mr.Chewy my dog, Roscoe is so spoiled. My order from Mr. Chewy arrived and boy was Roscoe excited to dive right in. He could smell all the oodles of chewy goodness just exploding from the box. Stew Sausage, Training Treats, Hambone, Yapple-nanas, Wizzlers, Hedghog Dental Treats and so much more. Mr.Chewy has everything for your cat or dog! I love how he stuck his nose right in the Hedgehog Dental Treat bag. He's too cute! That is one … [Read more...]

4 Tips Before You Bring Home Your New Cat

Bringing home your first cat or kitten is an exciting time. You are about to bring home a new friend with many adventures on the way. Have you cat-proofed your home yet? Make sure that your home is ready for a new furry friend. 1. Put away your cords and wires Cats are curious little creatures. They are naturally attracted to long, skinny things such as cords and wires. A dangling cord is just cat temptation waiting to happen. Your new cat … [Read more...]

4 Reasons To Go With A Cat

Cats are awesome. There is no question about it. They can spazzy and hyper. They can be cuddly and soft. These clever animals make great companions and really, they are totally awesome. Here are the top 4 reasons why. 1. You will never feel alone again Do you ever feel lonely when you go to the bathroom? Does sitting and doing your business just bring you sadness because no one is around? Don't be alone in the bathroom again. Get yourself a … [Read more...]