ANATOMIE Loretta Leather Jacket Review

I recently had the pleasure of review a lovely jacket from ANATOMIE. ANATOMIE was nice enough to send me over a jacket in exchange for my honest review. ANATOMIE is a designer of active wear with European inspired performance. They carry Pants, Jackets, Tops, Dresses, Sport & Summer Travel Essentials, and more. When it comes to fashion not only is it important to me that I look good, but I also want my clothing to feel comfortable … [Read more...]

Genie Bra Review

I've heard of the Genie Bra before but wasn't quite sure about the whole concept about it. Until, finally I decided to look it up, and BAM! I was blown away with it. It's a completely different made bra that is more efficient and has a better performance then the leading brand of bras. Genie Bra was nice enough to send me over a few bras for my daughter and I to test out in exchange for my honest opinion. My usual bra has the normal … [Read more...]

Flirty Aprons Review

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to review 2 aprons from Flirty Apron. Flirty Apron was founded by two couples, Joseph and Heather Hansen as well as Spencer and Jamie Taylor. They offer a variety of aprons, from Children's, Funny, Girl's, Boy's, Men, Women, Retro, Novelty, and many more. Flirty Apron even has bibs! The two aprons I received to review was a Men's Apron Original BBQ King in black in exchange for my honest review. It's … [Read more...]

Fruit of the Loom Review

Undergarments are very, very important to everyone! Well, unless you like going bare. Hahaha. But anyway, there are so many competing clothing companies selling undergarments. I've always stuck to Fruit of the Loom. They have been around for years! Literally, since 1851 Fruit of the Loom was created by two brothers who bought their first mill and then began producing cotton cloth and textiles in Warwick Rhode Island. Fruit of the Loom was so … [Read more...]

Cap That Review

In this age so many things are being customized to make them different from others things, and so people can feel like it is their very own one of a kind item. There are many companies/sites that make it possible for you too customize merchandise. Such as who was nice enough to let us customize a couple of products for free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion. At you can create stunning unique products from … [Read more...]

Trendy Tadpole Review

When having a baby many moms look for the cutest outfits or clothing for their baby’s. Not everyone wants the usually trains, flowers, planes, they want something that stands out something that is more creative. I came across a site that could offer me just this creativeness needed in baby clothing. This is one reason why I love shopping online because you can find the most unique companies/stores that you wouldn’t find at your local mall. The … [Read more...]

Warriors In Pink

Over last 19 years, Ford Warriors in Pink has donated over $120 Million dollars to the breast cancer cause. 100% of  all these proceeds from all wear and gear sales is dedicated to the cause with donations going to charities that offer a wide-range of support. Ford Motor Company is active in the fight against breast cancer since 1993. In 2006 Ford intensified its efforts by introducing Warriors in Pink and the Ford Warriors in Pink line of … [Read more...]

LUGZ Changeover Camo Review

LUGZ Changeover Camo is a hot look for this summer! Definitely a must have considering they will go with almost any outfit! The Men's Changeover Camo is a classic sneaker that will provide that all day comfort your man needs with a stylish athletic look his friends will dig! Plus everyone should have at least one pair of nice white kicks! You can purchase the LUGZ Changeover Camo in 4 different styles such as: White/Night Royal/N Roy Cam, … [Read more...]