Child Friendly Activities For Road Trips

Child Friendly Activities For Road Trips

Family road trip are when we make some of the best. However those long hours with 3 kids asking in the car asking every 30 minutes “are we there yet” can wight on our patience. and sanity are lost. Before you think you have lost your sanity on your next road trip, I ask that you read this small bit of advice. Below you will find on fun things for the kids to do in the car.

1. Cookie pans make for the perfect lap desk. With is being so large but not to big, kids can color and have there crayons laying on the pan as well without rolling on the floor. This also comes in handy for other things such as board games, dice games, Legos, small cars, other small toys, putting together small puzzles, magnet play, snack tray, making friendship bracelets by taping the string down, writing area and more.

2. Print or make your own simple Activity sheets. With easy, but fun games such as tic-tac-toe, bingo, hangman, lines and dot games, Mad Libs, travel games and more.

3. Glow sticks are a great toy for all ages to break out at night time. The kids will love having these during long hours of driving in the dark. It’s like having their own personal night lights. Other glow in the dark toys are fun as well. These can even be found at the Dollar Store.

4. Books are always a great thing to have on any long road trips. Kids love to dive into a good book just as much as adults. Bring along books for each age of child coming along on the trip. Maybe even having the kids come with you to the store to pick out a few new books just for the trip.

5. Portable DVD player and DVD’s is one of… click here to read the full post.

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