Driving With Dogs

Driving With Dogs

Dogs aren’t just our pets they are members of the family, so when we are taking them out to the pet store,  the dog park or vet we take a lot of precaution while they are in the car. If your have furry children you  should definitely take a look at these driving with dog tips listed below: 

  •   ­If this is your dog’s first time riding in a car be sure to get them warmed up to the idea of getting in the car.  Sit in the car while it is off and call them letting them jump in by themselves. Let them smell around and get  comfortable with the car. Close the doors and turn the car on letting them get used to he sound so they won’t  feel scared. Take short trips with them. Like around the block or something. You want to do this gradually  and then take longer trips letting them get used to it. 
  •   ­ Make sure your dog is well trained and can ‘sit’ when told. Having a roaming loose pet can cause  distractions for you while you are driving. If you are unsure of your dog’s behavior you can bring cages or  crates that can fit in your car. There are special pet seat belts that you can use as well to keep your furry  friend restrained. 
  •    ­Never leave your dog alone in the car for any amount of time. Cars heat up fast even with the windows  cracked. There’s been many cases of dogs having heat strokes while being left in the car.  Continue reading here… 
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