Everyone Should Know These 7 Auto Hacks

Cars have been out a long time, and threw out the years there’s been some very creative car owners, that have thought up some amazing ideas to help with lots of issues in vehicles. We searched the internet and found a few awesome car hacks that may make your next car ride a little more pleasant. 

1.Keep it Clean With a Mini Trashcan  

You can use many things for this idea. Use a plastic bag, tiny trash can from the Dollar Store, or even a plastic cereal container with a pop-up lid as a mini trash can will work. Having a trashcan or bag in the car is a great way to keep it clean and odor free. 

2. Scented Candle Wax Air Freshener

This is pretty simple to do. Put a throwaway plastic cup or candle that’s already in a glass holder into your cars cup holder on a hot day. As the candle wax melts it releases it’s nice smell and begins to freshen up your vehicle.

3. How to Keep Food Warm in The Car

So your out and about and need to pick up dinner, but you have a 30 minute or more ride home. By the time you get home your food will need to be reheated. No worries, put the food in the seat next to you and turn on your seat warmer. This will help to keep the food hot till you get home.

4. Toothpaste Can Clean Up Those Foggy Headlights 

Have you ever noticed how dirty the headlights get over time? Well there’s a cheap solution for that. Grab some plan white toothpaste and smear it all over your headlight. Then buff it in with a dry cloth, and rinse with clean water. Lastly wipe clean with a dry cloth.  

5. Removing Old Registration Stickers

Registration stickers have always been a daunting task remove. Well not anymore. It’s really simple, and the best way to do it without the left over stickiness. Simply dampen some newspaper with hot water and smooth it over the old sticker, and let it set for 10 minutes. Now the sticker should peal off very easily with little to no sticky residue. If there is anything left you can use a razor to remove the rest. 

6. Keep Kids Messes Clean

Many of you already know what a mess our kids can make in the car with all their little snacks, and toys and games, and other small things they bring along. To help lessen a lot of the clutter, put a hanging plastic shoe rack on the back of the front seats. This can hold many small toys and bagged snacks. 

7. Protect Your Ignition.

Did you know a heavy key chain can weigh down your ignition switch? This is not good and can cause it to wear down your ignition prematurely. Keep your key chain light.  

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