Get Strait Beautiful Hair Faster With The DAFNI Hairbrush Straightener!

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 Get Strait Beautiful Hair Faster With The DAFNI Hairbrush Straightener!


I have the perfect gift she will love. Many woman like myself love to have beautiful straitened hair, however this can take sometimes a couple of hours, and many of us just don’t have hat kind of time to spend on our hair. With the DAFNI brush we can all have beautiful straitened hair everyday, because it’s fast and easy. 

From a “too short haircut” came a revolution in hair straightening. Since 1909, little has been done to impact the hair straightening arena, until DAFNI. Sharon Rabi, a 28-year old mother of two, was once criticized for her unflattering haircut. Sharon and her father then developed a heat dissipating brush that causes less damage to the hair, allowing it to grow longer and stronger, naturally. After 3 years of development, Sharon launched a video that would change our hair routine forever.

Get her the gift that’s better than your average hair straightener, The DAFNI! With the DAFNI brush you can easily get a beautiful salon-quality look in less time than your average flat iron. Plus it’s safer. The DAFNI brush is made of high quality materials, and was designed with revolutionary smart technology and a unique 3D ceramic surface. 

 Get Strait Beautiful Hair Faster With The DAFNI Hairbrush Straightener!

DAFNI is faster at straitening your hair because of the ceramic plate that is 3-D, and 7x wider than a traditional flat iron. Which means you will be straightening your hair 10x faster than with a flat iron, while also eliminating fizz and leaving your hair smooth and shiny looking. This is a game changer in the beauty industry, especially for busy working moms like myself. 

DAFNI is so much safer because it only reaches 365 degrees F which is the optimal temperature for styling. Anything higher than this will damage your hair and will not provide extra benefits. With top quality ceramic coating and springy bristles to protect your scalp and provide a better barrier to your scalp from heat. This technology allows for you to get rite up to the root of your hair without burning yourself.

How to Use the Dafni Hair Straightener

The DAFNI brush I found to be so much easier than my flat iron. It heats up fast, is lightweight, and as easy as brushing your hair. It’s so easy that if feels just as if you were using a regular brush, which brings me to the fact that you must remind yourself it’s not or you will bang yourself in the head several times. Not that I did that. HA! Ok maybe a few times.

The DAFNI brush works so well, I have been just using it in place of my regular hair brush to save even more time. I love how my hair looks so cute in such short time. It took about 10 minutes for me to finish my hair my first time around. Once I get my hair cut it will look much nicer without all of those splint ends. 

 Get Strait Beautiful Hair Faster With The DAFNI Hairbrush Straightener!

What would you be able accomplish if gorgeous hair was just a few brushstrokes away?

DAFNI is sold online at, Dermstore, and Target.

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  1. Laurie Emerson says

    I would be able to have a couple of cups of cofee

  2. Janice Crespo says

    I would be able to do more than brush and shove it up to keep it out of my way.

  3. Jill Rivera says

    Any hair tool that help my hair to be smooth is great.

  4. Ellie Wright says

    I would have time to spend doing more enjoyable things that fighting with my hair every day.

  5. Kera M Montgomery says

    I would be able to look like I did before I had kids lol

  6. joe gersch says

    i would be able to do my work with confidence

  7. Kathy Tracey says

    I wouldn’t be in such a rush to bet my hair ready for work.

  8. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I would *feel* like I could slay the world! lol In real life, I could enjoy that second cup of coffee at my leisure.

  9. Michelle Parker says

    I would like to look more up kept n straight hair.

  10. I would get to sleep about 15 minutes later every morning!!!

  11. I would accomplish peace of mind by not spending so much time on my hair lol.

  12. deana dietrich says

    I would accomplish having more time!

  13. Oh this would help me with my hair routine so much! It looks so easy to use and would love the extra sleep in time! 🙂

  14. I would be able to sleep later in the morning.

  15. Debbi Wellenstein says

    I could finally have gorgeous hair, instead of the frizzy mess I now have!

  16. i could save so much time getting ready in the morning! maybe i could sleep in a little longer 🙂

  17. I would be able to face the day with confidence.

  18. I would be able to get out the door under an hour if beautiful hair was just a brush stroke away.

  19. i would help my frizzy hair!

  20. Margaret Smith says

    I’d be able to spend a little more time enjoying breakfast with my family.

  21. Crystal Rogers Walker says

    I would be able to accomplish making my hair look shinier and more healthy, I am post menapausal and my hair has been in a mess

  22. I would be able to accomplish nice straight hair that is not frizzy or messy looking and give me a really nice sleek look to my hair.

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