How to Prepare for a Safe Road Trip

Everyone loves going out on trips! Whether it be just to another town over, to another state or even another country, it’s fun to explore new places and get away from home for awhile. Some people forget to check their car when they are planning on driving for a long amount of hours and miles on end. You want to make sure you are prepared in all aspects before leaving home for a road trip. So, here are some things to make sure of before you take your trip!

How to Prepare for a Safe Road Trip

Pack smart! Besides clothes, and your tooth brush make sure you pack important and very essential things that can help you and your car if anything were to happen while you are away from home. Like a toolbox full of different tools to help you minor repairs, a health kit with of course the main first aid supplies. Not only that but make sure you don’t pack too much in your car and be aware of a weight limit, the more weight in the car the more your car’s engine has to work thus using more gas making you have to stop and fill up more often.

Get a check up! Not with a doctor but with a mechanic, make sure everything in your car is working good, brakes, engine, spark plugs, hoses, etc. You don’t want to take a big trip if your car can’t handle it. Make sure your car battery is charged as well, you don’t want to have everything ready and packed in the car and be ready to go then end up trying to start to the car and poof, it won’t start. Or worse, end up stranded. Have your lights checked as well, daytime/bright lights, turn signals, reverse and brake lights. Even if everything is working good you should carry a bottle of car oil, brake fluid, etc in case of an emergency.

Check the weather. Checking the weather is not only beneficial to you it is beneficial to your car. Knowing whether it is going to be sunny and clear or snowing, rainy, etc, it gives you the upper hand so you can prepare your car for the upcoming roads.

Make a route. Of course you want to know where you’re going and how long it’ll take. Not only should you make a route that best fits you but be aware of the gas stations and rest stops in the areas you plan to drive through so you can fill up and check your car again to make sure it is doing good on the road. Pack maps, and a GPS. Click here to read the full list.

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