How To Safely Dispose of Motor Oil

If you always change out the oil in your car yourself, then I’m sure you have started to accumulate a lot of dirty oil. Many drivers enjoy doing their own oil changes, but don’t know how to properly and safely dispose of the motor oil. It’s important to also know how very toxic automotive fluids are, and they can’t just be put in the garbage, poured down the drain or sewer drain. You also can’t dump them on the ground. When changing out your oil you have to make sure you have something for the oil to drip into. Then also something to later store it in for proper disposal that can be safely transported from your home to another place.
How To Safely Dispose of Motor Oil

Used oil from one oil change can contaminate 1 million gallons of fresh water. Disposal of oil doesn’t have to be a dilemma. There are few important things you must know and do and they will quickly become good habits. So where do we get rid of this toxic motor oil?

First you need to safely transport the oil. You want to start by making sure the oil has completely cooled down so the jugs don’t melt or burst. Next while using a funnel to carefully transfer it from the oil drain catch into empty gallon jugs with tight-fitting lids so it won’t spill or leak.


Where to Take Oil to Properly Dispose of it

Most service stations, quick lube, fleet operations, DIY used oil collection centers, and auto part stores recycle oil, and accept old oil and oil filters for recycling. Keep in mind some may even charge a small fee. Most places will not take contaminated oil with other substances in it. So please make sure the container is clean and do not mix the oil with anything. Keep in mind if you don’t have a service station or local shop near you that will take your used oil, you can search on for, or the Filter Council Websites and enter your zip code to find places near you that will take it. It’s also important to know in many cities it’s against the law to put oil filters in a landfill, so don’t risk a fine.

Remember to never:

● Pour oil down the drain or sewer drain. Please click here to read the full post.

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