Keep Your Car Looking Good

Keep Your Car Looking Good

Accidentally park to close to a pole or tree and didn’t realize it? Then you go o open your door and BAM. You’ve hit the tree and our car door has a dent in it. Instead of driving off to that expensive auto body shop that everyone is talking about, drive home and do some research and fix the dent yourself. It’s easier and cheaper than you think. 

Keeping up with the cleanliness of the interior of your car is fairly easy; vacuuming, dusting, taking care of rips in the seats, burn holes, etcs. But what about the exterior? The scratches, dents, little dings, etc? Well instead of digging a hole in your pocket here a few tips on how to save money by fixing the exterior defects on your car.


It is almost impossible to avoid scratches on your car. A loose rock can scrape against your car, a shopping car, keys, and many more. But for minor scratches that are not too deep can be easily fixed, by searching easy DIY scratch removers. General stores or local auto shops carry scratch removal kits for cheap that will work for deeper scratches. You will save plenty of money then deciding to take it into the auto shop and pay way more than you ever needed to. I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen Bill Mays scratch remover infomercial.


Dents and little dings can be avoided if you’re careful. But before you try and go head off to an expensive auto shop, try getting the dent out yourself. Try pushing it out with your muscle. Or try the plunger trick, or the hot/cold water trick. I quick search on this particular issue will give you tons of articles or videos on how to remove dents yourself.

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