Learning To Drive At Night

Learning To Drive At Night

During the day anything can happen and as a driver you need to be alert at all times and expect the unexpected, you can’t verbally communicate with other drivers so you need to be a defensive driver and look out for things ahead and prepare yourself. However at night, you need to be even more alert. Not only is it dark and besides headlights and reflectors on the road other drivers still drive like they can’t see. Especially during bad weather you need to be more alert than usual. You need to take certain precautions and be on top of everything when driving at night. More car accidents happen at night so here are some safety tips you can keep in mind for staying attentive while driving at night:

1. Clean your headlights.

Having dirty headlights that are foggy mask the bright light that should be coming out. This is a disaster waiting to happen when driving at night. You don’t want them to be as bright as your high beams but bright enough to see all you can at night at a good distance. Anything can happen when you have dim lights driving at night, you could miss a sign you needed to see, or an animal or even a person on the side of the road.

2. Don’t drive tired, or under the influence of anything.

Even during the day never drive tired, drunk or under the influence of any drugs. Driving while you are sleepy is just a bad idea, you may tell yourself you aren’t “that” tired but sitting in a comfy padded seat plus if you end up stopping at a red light you’ll be asleep and wouldn’t even know it. It not only can put you in danger but other drivers too. If you doze off you can swerve and crash into a median, a pole, or another car. While under the influence, drugs can affect your seeing and hearing at times, and you need to be alert with both your eyes and ears while driving.

3. Look out for retinas.

Might sound weird but at night that’s when a lot of animals come out, raccoons, deer, stray cats and dogs, etc. Animals have special eyes and at night when light is shined in them their eyes sort of glow, kind of like reflectors on the road. So be on the lookout for any glowing eyes you may see, spot any, stay clear of them, you…click here to read the full post.

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