Stay Safe Behind The Wheel On New Years Eve


Stay Safe Behind The Wheel On New Years Eve

Around this time of year stores and roads are super busy. Everyone is buying food, and gifts for the holidays for friends and families. People from all over are driving to spend the holidays with one another, employees are off work, and children are out of school.  It’s a very busy holiday on New Year’s, it’s a time to come together with friends and celebrate the new year, and remember everything you went through in the past year. People celebrate it by setting off fireworks, dancing with friends, eating and drinking.  

New Year’s is one of the most dangerous times of the year to be behind the wheel, and Hillview Motors want’s you to be safe. Keep these tips in mind beheading out on New Year’s Eve. 
1. Pick a designated driver
Usually this is the norm for a group of friends who go out and drink and have fun. They pick someone among themselves or someone volunteers to be the designated driver. Drunk drivers occur often on New Years and you don’t want to be one of them. 
2. Choose a different route 
Highways are going to be super busy, try picking a rout that takes back roads and such. Less traffic, it may take longer to get home but it is safer. 
3. Alternative transportation
Buses, cabs, and trains are other forms of transportation you and friends can take to avoid getting on the road at this time of year. Some buses, trains and cab fairs drop in price on New Years, take advantage of that. 
4. Stay in
If you’re at a friend’s house partying, and celebrating the New Year, ask in advance if you are welcomed to spend the night so you can stay off the road and get home when you are sober. 
5. Defensive driving
If you become the designated driver, make sure you are aware of the weather so it won’t be a burden, and you can get everyone home safe. Be aware of all your surroundings, keep your eyes on the road. Drive slow, and don’t be afraid to use your brakes, they could save your life. Also, make sure you, and all of your passengers are buckled up. You can never be too careful. 
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