Tips for Buying Tires for Your Honda

One of the many most important things when it comes to your car is making sure to replace your tires regularly. Never wait until you have a flat because that flat could happen while your on the highway going 60 miles per hour which could then cause a dangerous situation. So check your tires regular and replace the damaged and low tread tires. Choosing tires can be tough because thier are so many different brands on the markets. Use this helpful information to make the task a little easier.  

Tips for Buying Tires for Your Honda

Don’t Wait Until They Are Flat

Many times we will never know when a tires is going to get a flat. However regularly checking or getting your tires checked for damage is important and will help to prevent flats. Also keep in mind to watch the warnings your vehicle’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) gives you. Sometimes that sensor may need to be replaced as well.

Learn When the Tread is Low.

Having enough treat on your tires is very important. You can use the penny test to find out of your tread is good. This is very easy. Simply places a penny in between your tires tread. Make sure Lincoln’s head is pointing down. If you did this and you can still see Lincoln’s head it’s time to get your tires replaced. 

Find Your Tire Size

Learning how to find and know your correct tire size is very, and something you need to know before buying tires. All vehicles tires will have the size and other important information labeled on each tire. To find this information the first thing you can d is check the sidewall, you will see some numbers. These numbers show the tire size, speed rating, and other important information. Be sure to write down all the numbers, you will need them when looking to purchase new tires and price checks.

Find a Reputable Tire Dealer

Used tires could be bad damage tires even when the appear to look good. They can cause blowouts at high speeds. It’s important that your are buying your tires from a reputable dealer or tire shop. Used tires can sometimes be a bad idea is the shop is not reputable for the one simple most important reason. That is, tires that have sat for a very long time will dry rot on the inside of the tire. Which then can cause the blowout which can cause roll overs and very serious accidents.

Learn Your Tread

When buying new tires you will find there are many different tread options that are all for different driving conditions. Be sure you are buy the correct tread. The different types of tread: 

  • All Season
  • All Terrain
  • Snow
  • Circumferential
  • Radial
  • Mud

Buy the Correct Speed Rating.

On you tires you will see a letter that follows a 2 digit number. That is the speed rating. The rating represents the top speed recommended for the tire. It is important that you are replacing the tires with that rating or something comparable. Tires with different ratings you want to make sure you pair like ratings on the same axle.

Buying the right tires makes a huge difference. Follow these simple tips and you will be buying tires in no time. Right now you can get lifetime rotation from Roberts Honda with the purchase of 4 new tires. Be sure to stop by and check out thier special services for more great deals.


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