Tips for Picking a Great Pre -Owned Family Car

When in search of the perfect family car you want to be sure it’s right for your families needs. Whether you have a big family of 8 or it’s your first child. Finding the right car will take some effort. Sure you could go right out today and purchase a brand new car off the lot, however maybe it’s not in the budget right now. No worries it’s not that hard to find a quality used car. Just follow these simple tips below, and you will be in a good used family car in no time.

First find out how much you can afford to spend on the car. 

Don’t forget that sometimes with a used car it’s good to have a little cash set aside for: new tires, and possibly some small maintenance. Also calculate in your ownership costs such as fuel and insurance. Find a car around 3 years old. You don’t want anything to old with many repairs or too new that’s going to cost to much. At about 3 years old you can still get a great deal for about 40% lower than the new version.

Take your mechanic with you to look at the car.

This is something most people already know and that’s to make sure when you are buying a used car that you should always have a mechanic look it over. Or take it to them during your test drive if possible, just make sure to ask the dealer first, and if say no I would be weary of purchasing the car.

Even better, consider a certified used car.

Some people get nervous when buying a used car because they are afraid of possibly expensive repairs. If that’s the case go for a great certified pre-owned vehicle. I recommended stopping by Chrysler of Culpeper to purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle. These types of cars are inspected by dealers, and have to pass inspections determined by the manufacturers. They will also come with extended warranties. Yes you pay the premium price that is still cheaper than brand new, however you wont have to worry about paying for a new transmission a year after your purchase.

Find your target list of cars your interested in. 

In the end if you want to save money please consider checking out more then one brand. Make small list of at least three cars that meet your families needs and also fall within the budget you’ve set.

Always do your homework and check the vehicles history report.

This is a must unless you know the person very well and trust what they say about the car. Otherwise get a vehicle history report. This is one of the most important steps in buying a used car. AutoCheck and Carfax are the best-known sources I have come across for vehicle history reports. Don’t forget to check reviews on your target cars as well.

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