Traveling To Florida From New York

A while ago, about 6 years ago actually. This was back when we still lived in New York we would take vacations to Florida. Either to visit my dad who lived down there, or to go to one of the popular amusement parks. One of my favorite times traveling with kids was when we planned to go to Busch Gardens for the first time. We killed two birds with one stone because we visited my father for a little then decided to go to Busch Garden’s before we left to drive back up to New York. My kids were extremely excited to go, because they saw commercials of the amusement park on the T.V. in the hotel. In New York, at the time there weren’t any good amusement parks, there were just zoos and museums that we’ve been too tons of times. 

Busch Gardens is such a great place for kids and adults of all ages. They have so many attractions and shows that everyone one will enjoy. They have roller coasters, characters shows, arcades, kiddy games, animals and more! My daughter rode her first roller coaster there, the biggest one in the park called, Sheikra. We had such a blast there! I took so many pictures of the kids on the rides and winning prizes at the games. I took pictures of the animals, they had alligators, anteaters, monkeys, tigers, etc. At the time that we went they had this little kid zone called Land of the Dragons.
Traveling To Florida From New York
Everything was dragon themed, the rides and playground area. My youngest son enjoyed it so much, so did my daughter! They had cool themed restaurants as well, like the Dragon Fire Grill. 
Since the years have passed they have added more rides and attractions, and changed a few things. We plan on going back to see the new things and enjoy some family fun. 
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