When a Car Overheats

When a Car Overheats

Some of us may panic when something goes wrong with our car because not all of us are car savvy. However, when your engine overheats, don’t panic, give this article a read and follow the steps carefully and thoroughly and you’ll may be back on the road in no time. Once your back on the road it’s best to get your car into the nearest shop to get it looked over.

There’s a lot of things in our car that some of us can’t fix on our own without a mechanic, but we don’t all have the luxury of having a mechanic friend on speed dial. So when worst comes to worst there will be situations where we will have to do it ourselves. After reading this article, you’ll know what to do when your engine overheats.

There’s a lot that can happen when your car overheats, but follows these simple steps so you can get home safely.  
1. Stop.
Once you notice your temperature gauge at the “H” (hot), you need to pullover to side of the rode and get out to give your car a little examination. In a time like this you do not want to continue to drive, it’ll avoid you breaking down in the middle of nowhere. 
2. Pop the hood. 
If you see any steam or smoke, you will want to lift your hood to let all the steam to come out, you don’t want all the heat to be trapped all in one place. However if you do not see any steam or smoke, but you have been using your A/C, try turning that off. Your A/C can work your engine hard, and it may not be a big problem, you will just need to let your engine rest or take a ‘breather’. Be careful. If you decide to touch or check anything out under the hood, use a rag or heat resistant gloves, since your engine is overheating everything under the hood will be hot. You will not want to burn yourself . 
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