Why Your Car Might Be Overheating and How to Prevent It

Keep in mind that even in Fall, and Winter when there is much cooler temperatures your car can still possibly overheat. Once this happens the engine runs too hot, and this could damage your car or even worse it could ruin your engine, and threaten your safety. This is a situation you must handle quickly so you don’t totally destroy your engine.

Use these tips help prevent your car from overheating:

  1. Watch Your Temperature Gauge. If you see the temperature gauge has crossed over to hot, be sure and pull over right away to a safe location. Then immediately turn off the engine, and open the hood until the car cools down.
  2. Park in the shade. During the warmer months park in the shade or use a sunshade. Your car can feel the difference. This helps keep your car cooler, and can prolong the life of your vehicle.
  3. Check That All Hoses Are in Good Shape So There is No Leaking.
  4. Changing Your Oil. Make sure you keep your oil changed as directed for your car.
  5. Get Your Fans Checked. Fans can go bad and cause overheating.
  6. Making Sure The Coolant System is Topped off With Antifreeze or Flushed. During summers months this is even more important. Never check coolant levels on a hot engine. Always make sure your car is cooled down first. If you do the high pressure will blow off the cap and burn you badly. It’s also possible your cooling system may need to be flushed by your mechanic, because it can get dirty overtime, and need to be replaced.
  7. Turning The Heat On. Are you in a situation where your car has started to overheat, but your are far from home? Turn your heat on, this will pull hot air from the engine compartment and cool it down. This will not fix the issue, but can possibly help if you have a long drive. If it continues to overheat, just pull it over and let it cool down.
  8. Remove Debris From Your Radiator. You would be surprised how quickly leaves, grass, trash, dirt, and many large bugs can build up on the radiator. When this happens it can block airflow to the cooling system and cause overheating. Be sure an check these areas for build up.
  9. Your Battery Could Need Replacing. The old rule is if you car battery is over 3 years old than it’s time to replace it. Batteries diminish, and lose power overtime, and don’t provide the power they did when new. This cause the car the car to over work itself. Which then can cause overheating.

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Remember if you are in a situation were the engine overheats. Pull over to a safe location. If you are unsure of what to do next it’s important to just call roadside assistance to get it towed to your mechanic.

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