Winterize Your Car in the Fall So Don’t Get Stuck in The Cold

With Winter coming soon Browning Dodge thinks it’s important that if you have not already to you get your vehicle ready for winter as soon as you can. Making sure your vehicle is winterized is a very smart idea. It doesn’t take long, and can prevent many unnecessary repairs due to winter weather. Don’t get stranded middle of frigid temperatures with unexpected emergency such as car repairs you could have prevented. Use some of these simple tips from home or have your technician do it for you:

Don’t Get Stranded in The Cold 

Check the battery

Checking your battery is one of the number one ways t get ready for winter weather. Winter months puts a lot of ware on batteries, it’s simple to get checked to find out f it’s still in good working condition. It’s also handy to keep jumper cables or a jumper box in the trunk for emergencies.


Good tires are an essential during the snowy winter weather. Be sure to switch your summer tires over to winter tires. Have the tread and tire pressure checked as well.

It’s cold out and you got to keep warm. Make sure the heater and defrosters are working correctly. If you break down, this could be your only way to keep warm. Don’t forget to always keep warm gloves and an ice scrapper on hand for the freezing temperatures.


Make sure fluids are topped off, and your oil has been changed in a timely manner.

Check you cooling system

Antifreeze is used to protect car, especially when winter temperatures hit. If you have existing cooling system leaks, get them fix now.

Change out the wiper blades

It’s best to use Winter wipers blades. They cut through snow and ice buildup on your windshield much easier. Change them out now, and take them off in the spring. Don’t use them all year round. Winter wipers are heavy, and if you use them all the time you’ll wear out the wiper motor.

Keep the tank full

Keep the gas tank full during the cold winter months. This will avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines. Plus if you get stranding this may be your only way of keeping warm, and your going to need the gas to keep the car warm. Always keep a bottle of dry gas in the trunk during the winter.

When winter hits it’s best to be prepared ahead of time. It might also be a great idea to think about getting an emergency car kit or creating one of your own.

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