Tips and Tricks for Travelers Regarding Transport

Where there is traveling, there will be worries related to transport. Travelers all over the world have this common issue regardless of their educational background, family background, confidence level. Each and every traveler has to think hundred times about his transport issues before leaving his home. Transport is the very basic need of a traveler, and he needs transport the moment he gets out of his home to leave for the airport. That car … [Read more...]

Tips to Save Money When Travelling Abroad

For most people, one of the most important factors in planning for travel abroad is money. For millennials in the U.K., a recent survey found “Instagramability” was the No. 1 consideration when choosing a vacation destination, with cost factored in second. Of course, you don’t have to give up the opportunity for spectacular photos to make that trip financially feasible. There are many ways to save money when traveling abroad, regardless of … [Read more...]

Tips for a Great Family Vacation with Kids in Phuket

As summer is around the corner, the excitement of travelers is at its peak. One of the most nerve wrecking thing about traveling is when you have to plan a family getaway that also involves kids. Not only it requires you to pay particular attention to your budget since you are traveling with more dependents for you to sponsor, but you also need to pick a destination that is kids friendly and have ample activities for your kids to have fun. It is … [Read more...]

Car Safety Tips for Kids

Summer means fun in the sun! Water parks, grandparents house, sleep over with friends! It also means safety, safety for parents and children in cars. Every family should have summer car tips they follow for their children. To keep them happy and safe in the car.  In the market for a brand new family vehicle? Head on over to Legacy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and check out the new 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. This is an amazing family … [Read more...]

5 Car Gadgets for 2018

It's a new day and age, technology is getting more advanced by the day, new gadgets are coming out all the time making our daily lives better and easier. Whether it be for cooking, cleaning, working, or driving.  Speaking of driving, there are so many new car gadgets for 2018 that can make driving easier, and more enjoyable for some and just make you up to date with everything. Plus there are many new vehicles that are loaded to handle … [Read more...]

Tips for New Drivers

No matter how old you are, getting on the road for the first time and finally being a driver can be exciting yet overwhelming. You might think you know everything and are ready to drive everywhere all the time, but there are a few things that new drivers might not be aware of or might not think is such a big deal. There are few things that can help new drivers be safer, and things for them to know in the future when they are driving.  1. … [Read more...]

Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Drink and Drive

Saturday night, you just got out of the bar fumbling around with friends. You've had a few drinks. You rummage through your pocket and grab your keys, but your vision is so blurred and your reaction to things is slowed you drop them and take awhile to find them on the ground and pick them up. You walk over to the driver side and hop in, starting the ignition, you drive off. You on the road, burping and kind of dosing off here and there. You're … [Read more...]

Protect Yourself From Drunk Drivers

Buhler Bitter want's you to be safe on the roads at all times. Use this simple tips to protect yourself from drunk drivers. It's about 1:30 am, you had a long, busy day at work. A few people called in sick so you had to stay late to make up for the amount of work. You're excited to go home to your loved one, eat dinner and relax and get some sleep. You start driving home, you're just about 10 minutes from home now, then suddenly you see a … [Read more...]