Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Drink and Drive

Saturday night, you just got out of the bar fumbling around with friends. You've had a few drinks. You rummage through your pocket and grab your keys, but your vision is so blurred and your reaction to things is slowed you drop them and take awhile to find them on the ground and pick them up. You walk over to the driver side and hop in, starting the ignition, you drive off. You on the road, burping and kind of dosing off here and there. You're … [Read more...]

Protect Yourself From Drunk Drivers

Buhler Bitter want's you to be safe on the roads at all times. Use this simple tips to protect yourself from drunk drivers. It's about 1:30 am, you had a long, busy day at work. A few people called in sick so you had to stay late to make up for the amount of work. You're excited to go home to your loved one, eat dinner and relax and get some sleep. You start driving home, you're just about 10 minutes from home now, then suddenly you see a … [Read more...]

Tips for Teens Driving in Summer

It's the summer, and that means school is out, families and friends are going on vacations and road trips. There are concerts and festivals, a lot happens in the summer. Not to mention the horrible hot weather. All of this going on can make driving dangerous, especially for new teen drivers. If you're a parent of a new teen driver, or if you are a teen driver yourself this post can help you with some safety tips for driving in the summer, … [Read more...]

Most Dangerous Things Drivers Do

Have you ever been driving and another driver does something wild and you just wonder what is going through their head. Like what makes them think that was safe to do on the road? Whatever they did or whatever made them do it actually could be a common danger drivers do, some without even realizing it. Here are a few of the most dangerous things drivers do while driving.  1. Eating While Driving. A lot of drivers do this, a lot. … [Read more...]

5 Important Summer Car Care Tips

Summer’s high temperatures can take a toll on vehicles, and lead to some drivers being stranded. Williams Brothers Dundee and associates want you and your vehicles to be prepared for the warm months ahead. Use these helpful tips to avoid being stranded this summer. Check the battery   Heat and vibration can wreck havoc on vehicle batteries. Be sure your battery is prepared for the high temperatures this summer. There is nothing we can … [Read more...]

6 Car Seat Safety Tips to use Before Driving

If you have children I am sure you already spend a lot of time in the car traveling from day care, play dates, sports practice, school, grocery store and more.  Use these helpful tips to make sure your children are safe during day to day travel.  1. If you have an infant child when placing the car seat in the car, be sure they are facing the rear until they're about age 1 and at least 20 to 22 pounds depending on what the car seat … [Read more...]

Pet Vehicle Safety Tips

Most people look at their dogs as family and companions and will bring their dog with them wherever they go. Whether it be a road trip, errands, to a friends house and more. However as safe as you think you are bringing your pet along means added distractions for the driver.  Many dog owners don't realize they are distracted by their dogs while driving. If you participate is allowing your dog on your lap while driving, give food and … [Read more...]

Tips on Preparing Your Vehicle’s AC for the Summer

Most people have notice by now it's summer and things are heating up outside quickly. In order to stay cool while driving you wanna make sure your vehicles A/C is in good working order and running how it should. Use these few tips to get your vehicles A/C ready for summer.  There are few different issues that vehicles A/C's can have. However they are often minor and sometimes it can be major. Common problems that can arise are when you … [Read more...]