Top 8 Neighborhoods in Virginia for Low Income Families

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Featured photo: Top 8 Neighborhoods in Virginia for Low-Income Families – Richmond, Virginia

Are you ready to move with your family to Virginia? If you are looking for cheaper homes and neighborhoods, you are in the right place. Take a look at some of the most affordable cities and neighborhoods in the state of Virginia. 


If you’re looking for an affordable place to live in Virginia, you might consider moving to Bluefield.  This city is located on the border of the state and it’s a popular tourist destination. One of the biggest pros of living here is the climate. Since Bluefield’s altitude is a bit higher than the rest of the state, the air is cooler and cleaner. Bluefield is relatively cheap to live in – you can find a decent home for less than $150,000, which will help you save money during the move. If you love a small-town charm, lots of greenery, and parks, this is a great place for you and your family.


Hampton is a small city in Virginia, and it’s a place especially popular with black families. One reason for this is that the city has a rich history of African American culture, and the other – there are plenty of black family-owned businesses thriving here.

If you want your kids to have a great education and plenty of space to play outside, consider moving to Hampton. 


Here’s another place in Virginia that’s perfect for low-income families. Just like Bluefield, Danville is also located on the border of the state, but on the southern one. On one hand, Danville is a city that offers a suburban neighborhood charm, and on the other – it has all the amenities of a big city. If you’re looking for affordable neighborhoods in Virginia, you will find one in this city.

Danville is a great place to move with a family – with plenty of outdoor spaces for activities and great schools, you will enjoy your lifestyle after moving here. Also, the city’s surroundings are perfect for nature enthusiasts. All you need to do is choose your favorite – hiking, cycling, or road-tripping through the countryside.

North Chesterfield

North Chesterfield is an unincorporated community in Chesterfield County. It’s a popular place for tourists since it is home to many historic sites, museums, and houses. If you love living in a neighborhood with plenty of historic landmarks, you might want to consider moving here. This is a good place for low-income families since living costs are relatively low. The population of North Chesterfield is just below 400,000, and it has plenty of restaurants, outdoor spaces, and parks for kids to play.


Another one of the affordable neighborhoods in Virginia on our list is Minnieville. This place offers a mix of new homes and older ones, which makes it very architecturally diverse. Whether you’re looking for a multi-story building or a small suburban home – you will find it here.

Minnieville is a neighborhood in Woodbridge, which is a census-designated place in Virginia. The area is known for nice homes with spacious yards, and these properties are pretty affordable. If you plan to move to Woodbridge with your family, this can be one of the nicer suburban neighborhoods in Virginia to consider. All you need to do is find the right home and team up with the right crew. Once your moving day is over, you can start exploring the surroundings and discover all this neighborhood has to offer. Soon enough, you’ll meet other families with kids living near you.


If you want to live in proximity to the big city but still save money, consider moving to Huntington. This is one of the neighborhoods in Virginia that offers lower living costs but a bit more expensive housing. The average home in Huntington costs around $470,000, which is not on the more affordable side. However, this neighborhood is only a short car ride away from the city of Alexandria, which is perfect for working parents who live an active lifestyle.

If you’re looking forward to your move to Huntington, you should look for moving assistance as soon as you know the relocation date. Experts from Fairfax Transfer and Storage advise booking these services ahead of time to get discounts. If you have to move in a rush, consider looking for full-service moving companies.


When it comes to affordable neighborhoods in Virginia, this one is definitely worth considering. Annandale is a suburban area, also located close to the city of Alexandria. The community is home to just about 40,000 people. Since this area is quiet and has a typical suburban charm, it’s great for low-income families as well as for retirees.

Annandale is a great place to live in Virginia, especially if you’re looking to visit local attractions. Don’t miss out on Mill Creek Park, historic Hoof’s Run Stone House, and make sure to enjoy a meal in one of the fine-dining restaurants in the neighborhood.


If smaller, quieter neighborhoods are not your first choice, you should consider living in Covington. This is one of the most affordable cities in Virginia, and it offers all the perks of big-city life. Covington is known for its industry and dynamic lifestyle. Also, the location of the city is excellent – it’s close to various attractions like Falling Springs and Humpback Bridge. The average home in Covington cost around $120,000, which is a good option for low-income families. If you’re struggling financially, you can look for help online and get some advice regarding your upcoming move.


Virginia is a great place to live, especially if you’re moving here with your family. It has plenty of areas that offer affordable homes and lower living costs, you should consider a few neighborhoods in Virginia for your new home. Whether it’s a suburban feel or a city rush you’re looking for, you will find it in Virginia for sure. All you have to do is check for affordable homes, find a moving company, and get ready for your Virginia relocation!

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