How to Prepare for a Safe Road Trip

Everyone loves going out on trips! Whether it be just to another town over, to another state or even another country, it's fun to explore new places and get away from home for awhile. Some people forget to check their car when they are planning on driving for a long amount of hours and miles on end. You want to make sure you are prepared in all aspects before leaving home for a road trip. So, here are some things to make sure of before you take … [Read more...]

Tools to Keep in Your Car

There are several things we should keep in out car such as an emergency kit, extra cash, spare tire, a jack and most importantly a tool box. Not many drivers carry a toolbox in their car, but find themselves in situation where a tool box would come in handy. In this post I will talk about what you should keep in your car tool box. First, you should of course have either a multi-head screwdriver or both a Philips head and a 'blade' type … [Read more...]

Importance of a Tire Alignment

New drivers and old drivers should always remember and think about their wheel alignment. Driving is a big responsibility and there isn't something crucial about your car's care that you want to forget. Especially wheel alignment, having good aligned wheels will have you car driving smoothly and your tires' life will be longer. Here's just a couple reasons why you should check your wheel alignment: 1. Tire life span. Proper wheel alignment … [Read more...]

Knowing When Your Used Car Needs Maintenance

Whether you have a new car or an old car you drive everyday, eventually it's going to need a tune-up. When this time comes we now have to take our vehicle to our trusted auto repair shop. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you are due for a tune-up, and then sometime the car will display certain symptoms that indicate a tune-up is needed. Then many times it can even show no signs and symptoms of needed a repair or tune-up until you find yourself … [Read more...]

Learning To Drive At Night

During the day anything can happen and as a driver you need to be alert at all times and expect the unexpected, you can't verbally communicate with other drivers so you need to be a defensive driver and look out for things ahead and prepare yourself. However at night, you need to be even more alert. Not only is it dark and besides headlights and reflectors on the road other drivers still drive like they can't see. Especially during bad weather … [Read more...]

How to Cut Out Bad Driving Habits in Texas

There's a lot of bad habits that both old and new drivers have that are dangerous now and in the long run. Some drivers don't think much of it if they are the ones to have the bad habit but it can really bother other drivers and put both parties in danger. On a daily basis drivers all over experience different bad driving habits from other drivers on the road. Most older drivers don't really recognize their habits, because they have been driving … [Read more...]

Child Friendly Activities For Road Trips

Family road trip are when we make some of the best. However those long hours with 3 kids asking in the car asking every 30 minutes "are we there yet" can wight on our patience. and sanity are lost. Before you think you have lost your sanity on your next road trip, I ask that you read this small bit of advice. Below you will find on fun things for the kids to do in the car. 1. Cookie pans make for the perfect lap desk. With is being so large … [Read more...]

3 Major Reasons To Keep Your FIAT Clean

Owning a car comes with many responsibilities that cost money. What better way to preserve the look of the inside and outside of your car with little effort by keeping it clean. Keeping the car clean doesn't cost a lot of money, and everyone can do it. No matter how old your car is or becomes, it will look and feel as well as you treat and take care of it. Maybe your car runs amazing and you always get repairs and regular maintenance done on … [Read more...]