2 DIY Headlight Restoration Ideas

Everyone loves to save money. Most people find if they can do it their self they will. Sometimes by doing it yourself you might save just a few dollars and other times you can save even hundreds of dollars. Especially when it comes household vehicles, because car expenses like repairs can become very pricey. So when it comes to the small things that can add up quickly try and see if it's something you can do. Of course not if it's something that … [Read more...]

When My Oldest Son Started Driving

I have three kids; one that is about to turn 22, one that has recently turned 18 and one that recently turned 10. My oldest has been driving for about 5 years now but when he first started I was one fearful mother. As any mother is when her first child starts driving with out them in the car. Then so many things were going through my head every time he went out, even now, 5 years later I still think the same things. Before he went out I … [Read more...]

7 Snacks On The Go

When traveling with little kids whether you just go to the store to pick up a few things, go to grandma's house or a short drive, kids will get hungry and you'll need to bring a few easy on the go snacks that'll hold them over until you get home for dinner or lunch. When bringing easy on the go snacks make sure you don't bring anything with sauces that can spill, if you bring drinks make sure they are in a secure bottle that won't spill, same for … [Read more...]

8 Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is just 2 months away and some people are already buying Halloween costumes ahead of time and have started to decorate for the upcoming fall season. You can say you've already seen your local stores putting out Halloween decorations. As Halloween nears parents need to take some precaution for their children that will be trick 'r' treating. As the kids are all dressed up and excited to get free candy, there's a lot to keep in mind to … [Read more...]

Traveling To Florida From New York

A while ago, about 6 years ago actually. This was back when we still lived in New York we would take vacations to Florida. Either to visit my dad who lived down there, or to go to one of the popular amusement parks. One of my favorite times traveling with kids was when we planned to go to Busch Gardens for the first time. We killed two birds with one stone because we visited my father for a little then decided to go to Busch Garden's … [Read more...]

What My Dream Car Would Look Like

I've always thought about what my dream car would look like. I can just picture it in my head and I know precisely the colors and everything. I want the whole outside to be a matte white or matte black color. I want some nice rims as well, ones that will match the outside color of the car and the color of the interior, I picture it having Katana Wheels GTM 1 rims with a black and red stripe finish. Now, onto the inside, it'll have cherry red … [Read more...]

That Time We Drove to Florida With Our 4 Cats

About 5 years ago I had moved down to Florida from New York. We planned to drive down to Florida while the moving company drove down too with all of our stuff, so we both would make it to Florida around the same time, instead of us taking a plane and waiting longer than we would have to for our furniture to arrive. Along with my family and I we traveled with our pets, which was our 4 cats. Yes I said 4 cats! My husband rented a large SUV … [Read more...]

What Is The Best Way To Pay For That Dream Car You’ve Always Wanted?

Many people will have a car in mind that they’ve always wanted to buy. Such cars are anything from small hatchbacks to exotic Italian super cars. Regardless of the make and model, I bet you’ve thought a lot about “the” car you’ve always wanted! Trouble is, how do you pay for it? There aren’t many people in this world that will give you a vehicle for free. It would be great if we didn’t have to pay for our cars, but sadly we do! For those of us … [Read more...]