An Evaluation Of Equality In The Workplace

There were some workplace equality laws that came into effect decades ago. A person could not be denied a job because of his race, and pay for women was required to be at the same standard as pay for men. Unfortunately, businesses and individuals do not always take civil rights seriously. We must place a stronger emphasis on workplace equality, and never ignore discrimination. The Real Costs of Compensation Inequality In the United … [Read more...]

Traditional Vs. Flipped Education Explained

At a time when traditional patterns of teaching are literally being "flipped" into a type of blended instruction at high schools and colleges nationwide, there is no hard data that flip teaching is better than traditional learning. In fact, the National Education Association stated on its website that "the jury is still out" when it comes to comparing the merits of traditional vs. flipped education theories. The thesis or argument for creating a … [Read more...]

Top Five Educational Apps

The face of education is evolving at a very fast pace thanks to the many improvements in technology. Gone are the days of traditional classroom learning. Today, students, teachers, and families can now connect and interact through a number of highly effective, highly interactive educational apps that they can access through their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. These apps provide a number of advantages and benefits for learners of all ages … [Read more...]

Benefits Of Getting Your AC Tuned Up

Living in Florida for the past 4 years I know all to well about the heat and how important it is to have a good working air conditioner. The first year we lived here was the worst for us. The air conditioner was not working properly and our home was reaching temperatures as high as 96 degrees inside. It was just unbearable and almost impossible to sleep. We called our landlord and they had it looked by maintenance. They appeared to be fixing it. … [Read more...]

Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Summer Camp For Your Kids

Summer camp is a great way to provide an excellent learning opportunity for your child. A chance for your child to have a blast and meet a lot of new friends all in an entertaining environment. Summer camp is something your child will always remember. Options for camps are endless with day camps, Adirondack kids camps, mini-camps, summer camps and more. Some even taking kids as young as toddlers and Camp Chateaugay has a teen program. Summer … [Read more...]

Master Lock – Protecting All That You Love and Care About

Disclosure I received compensation in exchange for an sharing this information. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers. When I was 11 years old just a year after my parents divorced, which was already devastating enough we had a house fire. I was at my fathers house at the time. I can still remember it to this day. He told me there was a bad fire, and I was so worried about a blanket … [Read more...]